Pen & Sword Books ~ RHNS Averof: Thunder in the Aegean


By John Carr

Published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd.

Copyright © John C. Carr 2014

ISBN 978 1 78303 021 7

Price – £19.99 UK / $39.95

171 Pages


With his release of RHNS Averof: Thunder in the Aegean, John Carr, an accomplished author, journalist, correspondent and renowned broadcaster, brings us up close to look a one of the oldest armored cruisers afloat today, as well as being the most iconic ship to sailed for the Royal Hellenic Navy; The RHNS Averof. The Averof, a 10,200 ton armored cruiser, was considered by most, of here time, to be a battleship as this was the largest ship for the Royal Hellenic Navy from the time of its commissioning in 1911 until 1951. The Averof’s heroic exploits in the Balkan Wars at the beginning of the 20th century would propel this ship into becoming the pride of the Royal Hellenic Navy. The Averof would more or less take on the Turkish Navy single handedly on two decisive occasions and not only come out on top but unscathed as well.



  • Prologue
  • List of Illustrations
  • List of Maps
  • Chapter 1 Rush Job
  • Chapter 2 The Wine-Dark Sea
  • Chapter 3 Birth of the Averof
  • Chapter 4 Young Turks, Old Ships
  • Chapter 5 The Ship that Won a War
  • Chapter 6 Sailing to Byzantium
  • Chapter 7 Refit and Revolt
  • Chapter 8 To Fight Another Day
  • Chapter 9 Indian Summer
  • Chapter 10 Retirement and Rats
  • Chapter 11 Comeback
  • Notes and References
  • Biographical Notes
  • Index


John Carr takes us on a journey, much from the accounting from the men who served aboard her, covering the life of the Averof from her humble beginnings as she was being built for the Italian Navy to her current state as a museum ship. Often referencing back in time, this books covers the geographical and naval history for Greece’s plight to regain control fallen lands in control of the Ottoman Empire.

The author goes into great detail about how the Averof escaped destruction at the hands of the Germans in World War II as well as her Captain’s disobeying the ordered scuttling of the ship so that she would not be able to be captured. After her service, the Averof would be left forgotten until her reawakening was seen in the eyes of the Admiralty and little help from some scandalous happenings; she would undergo a lengthy refit bringing her to her current stated as a proud remembrance of nation and what she had accomplished.


Averof: Thunder in the Aegean is a well written accounting of a ship and what she truly means to her country. There are forty-five centrally located pictures of the Averof within the book showing her birth, service and final placement as a museum. This book captures the grandeur of this vessel very well.


I would like to thank Pen & Sword Book for a copy of the book for review.


Pen & Sword


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