Modelers’ Alliance – Call to Arms II: Let’s Get a Boy a Service Dog

Modelers Social Club Forum and MSC Review Connect would like to lend support to our good friends at Modelers’ Alliance and their latest “Call To Arms” benefit campaign: :Let’s Get A boy A Service Dog”. Please take the time to read through the release below, stop by Modelers’ Alliance and not only donate if you can but join the Group Build Which starts September 1, 2014 and have some FUN!


A story of a boy


“Ian was born 3 months early and spent the first 110+ days of his life in the NICU at a local hospital.

During that time, Ian contracted multiple strains of meningitis that affected his brain in many ways. Some ways were exposed early, like when we found out that he had hydrocephalus, a condition in which the brain cannot properly absorb spinal fluid. He received his first shunt right after his first Thanksgiving undergoing the surgery at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, over 3 hours from home. 20 shunt revisions later over several years, everything is functioning well.
During his first four years, Ian was a happy, normal little boy. He was developmentally delayed but was catching up.


Then on a summer Sunday morning, Ian had his first grand mal seizure. This hit us out of nowhere. He was treated at our local hospital and then we followed up with a neurologist at Children’s Hospital. Ian went in for his first EEG and that’s when we found out that his seizure activity was so high that he should have been in a vegetative state. We were told that Ian had global brain damage, and as he grew and different sections of the brain were accessed, if the area was damaged, he would have a seizure.
We would later discover that, unlike most people with epilepsy who only have one type of seizure, Ian has multiple types and has been on several types of medication. Depending on time of year, growth spurts or the amount of sleep he has had, his seizure count can range from one to two to sixty to seventy a day. From November of 2012 to June of 2013 he was having 60+ a day and had to miss the second half of the school year. It was during this time he had a vegal nerve stimulator implanted to send a burst of electricity to the brain to interrupt the seizure activity. This, along with another change in medicine, has kept his seizures manageable so he can attend school, he is in a self-contained Special-Ed class, and learn.
In 2012, we began looking into getting Ian a service dog. What we found out was amazing and surprising. First, seizure alert dogs are not trained to detect a seizure. This is a gift they are born with. Secondly, because of the rarity of this talented dog, their cost is in the $30,000 range. Finding this out, we set out to train our own. We thought we could do it. We didn’t realize until we talked with a certified trainer what goes into training one of these dogs. First of all, the dog has to have the same physical clean bill of health that you find in military working dogs and police dogs. Secondly, the dog cannot have any kind of anxiety issues or behavior issues in public. To properly train and certify a service dog is around $1,500 to $1,800. We also learned during the 2012-2013 seizure outbreak that Ian is getting too big for us to be carrying or supporting. So we asked the trainer if she could train for mobility also and she said yes. Ian also has autistic tendencies and we have noticed that he is calmer around our dogs.
Ian is an awesome boy with a great personality. What he is able to accomplish on a daily basis, especially at school, is amazing. We are saddened to know that the seizures have robbed him of some of his mental and physical abilities. We honestly believe that had he not had the seizure disorder, he would be a normal little boy.” ~ By Kenny Loup


Community Group Build

As you know, Service Dogs are essential not only for aiding people with disabilities they help enhance quality of life for their owners. Modelers’ Alliance has put together their Call to Arms II: Let’s Get a Boy a Service Dog in an effort to raise money to help Ian get the help he needs. As part of the Call to Arms Campaign, Modelers’ Alliance has put together a Group build for the community to come together and not only donate to this cause but to have some great modelling FUN!

Group Build Specifications

Start Date Sept 1, 2014
End Date Mar 31, 2015
Entry fee $10.00
Group Build Rules

1. Donation must be made prior to starting your build. Do not start your build until after the start date. You may make your donation prior to start date if you wish.
2. When submitting your donation, include your forum user name and the subject you are building in the “Add special instructions to recipient” section of the donation page. If your donation is covering multiple builds, list all those builds or you may not be credited correctly.
3. Start a new thread under the CTA forum with your Username and Subject. Please post the customary start photo of your unbuilt entry with time-stamp, build starts after point one is confirmed
4. Since this is a special campaign to raise funds for a good cause we will NOT make exemptions with the entry fee.
5. The campaign ribbon will be provided to members at the start of their build.
6. Start date is September 1, 2014. End date is March 31, 2015. All times are local to your location.
7. Only completed builds will be entered for prize drawings so keep in mind your time limit.
8. Completed builds are defined as completing the model to the best of your ability, no “shake and bakes” or minimal efforts will be accepted.
9. There will not be a time extension granted – start on time, finish on time. All times are local to your location.
10. The prizes will be awarded by random drawing at the completion of the campaign. You may enter as many times as you wish but only completed builds will be added to the drawings. If you enter 4 times, and only complete 3, then your name will be in the pool three times.
11. Respect the established rules of Modelers’ Alliance.
12. All decisions are made by the management of Modelers’ Alliance and their delegates. All decisions are final.
Prize drawing for completed builds only. Entry fee must be paid prior to start of your build. One entry fee per build. These rules are subject to change.

Join in on the FUN!!

Please take the time to stop by Modelers’ Alliance and join in! Build a model or two, Have some fun and help a boy get the Service Dog he needs!


If you click on the poster blow, you will be taken to the donation portal for Call to Arms II, A Dog for Ian. It’s up and running so if you’d like to start sending some money go ahead. Every bit helps.



Personal or Vendor Participation

Whether you would like to donate a prize from your personal stash or you are a manufacture or vendor who wishes to help out with an item(s) please contact Modellers’ Alliance

Prize Donations Links

Individuals would need to sign up on the forum and donate there on the page, then ship the prize to one of our admin –

Vendors –  Please contact Bob Britt ( or Saul Garcia (






 Although Modelers Social Club and the Modelers’ Alliance are not affiliated in any way other than being apart of the same vast modelling community online today, we wish to give our support to this cause and wish all the best to Ian, Kenny and the entire Loup Family.   – Rob Ferreira (Owner/Admin), Todd Michalak (Admin/Reviews Manager) and the entire MSC Family




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