Pathos Miniatures – American Sniper WWII- operation Overlord-Normandy 1944


Scale: 1/10 scale Bust

Parts:  27 resin parts, plus reference booklet

Review by: Scratchmod


The set:

This excellent resin bust from Pathos Miniature comes in a very solid black box with an image of the painted bust on the lid. The box is crammed with light gray colored resin parts and solid bust, all in zip lock bags. Also included in the box is a small reference booklet with images of real uniforms, weapon and scope among other nice images.


A quick inspection of the contents revealed some crisply cast resin parts, most especially the bust/torso and rifle. The bust has the ammo pouches, back pack and straps all cast on the torso. The uniform looks spot on when I compared it to the reference images in the supplied booklet and should look great when painted.

The rifle I think is the best part of the kit. The hands are cast to the rifle with a small length of the arms/wrists that insert into the sleeves for a good fit. Besides the nice detailing on the rifle, especially the bolt, the sling that is cast with the rifle and hands are simply amazing. The sling is not an overly thick strap but instead is thin and doubled over as with the real thing. With the rifle you get two types of scopes that look great and very close to the real thing compared to reference images.

The hands are also a nicely detailed feature with very realistic looking figure with finger nails. The fingers are cast with space between them and the back of the hand has nice features as well.

Moving onto the head which is also a very nice casting with facial features, but does lack any hair and so you have a bald head. This shouldn’t be a problem since the helmet will cover most of his head. The eyes and nose look especially good and am sure these will stand out when painted.


There are two casting blocks containing small parts such as straps, buckles etc. The standard issue .45 and holster with the US n the flap. The shovel that is placed on the pack has some minor flash but should clean up easily. You also get the carrying tube for the scopes with clasps on the ends.

An added feature in the kit are dog tags and a religious cross and section of beads. These are meant to be placed on the wood plinth/base. A nice added bonus that is your choice to use, or not.



As with the Budapest bust from Pathos Miniatures that I had the pleasure of reviewing and painting, this is one you have to have. Just the rifle alone would make for a few hours of painting pleasure.

I’d like to thank Pathos Miniatures for supplying MSC with this review sample. You can find this and other resin busts on their website.




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