Plus Model – German Rucksacks WWI

Plus Model



Set number: # 4046

Scale: 1/48

Parts: 27 parts resin parts

Review by: Scratchmod

The set:

This review sample from Plus Model is oddly enough in 1/48 scale and are of German rucksacks from the First World War. This scale in the military vehicles and figures category has been growing fast and so these accessories are a welcome addition.


Cast in light gray resin the set has several types of rucksacks and a large pack. Also included are personal gear such as spades, ammo pouches etc. The parts all come in a plastic sealed bag with card sleeve with kit info printed on it, scale etc.

Included in the set you get two each of the three types of rucksacks with bedroll, and three identical casting sprues with personal items such as canteen and mess tin.

One sprue has two types of helmets, with one being the early war spiked helmet. The last sprue contains two types of ammo pouches. You also get a large pack and what appears to be a long bag with a flap on one end.

The castings are acceptable and only need minor cleaning after removing from the sprues or casting plug. The sprues are numbered, as are the rucksacks but there are no instructions included in this set. Also not included are painting guides. The later is not much of a problem as there are color photos of the painted pasts on the Plus Model website, which I have included here in this review.

Special thanks to Plus Model for supplying MSC Forum with this and other review samples. You can find more on the Plus Model website.




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