Reality in Scale – 2 Small Sheds (#2) 1:72 scale










Contents:   5 resin parts , 1 solid resin shed , 4 parts to one shed

Scale:   1/72 scale (DIO72 series)

Finished sheds measure 4,3x3x4,4cm and 3,6×4,3×3,2cm (WxDxH).

Review by:   Scratchmod


The kit:

From Reality in Scale’s DIO72 range of resin kits and accessories we have a set of two small sheds cast in light gray resin. Packed in a sturdy card board box are 5 resin parts with one shed being complete in solid resin, while the second shed is broken down into 4 resin parts.










Shed #1, This is the solid resin shed and depicts a brick shed with clay tiled roof, typical roofing material found in Europe. There is a wooden door on the front of the shed and a small window on the right side of the shed. Both of these are nicely cast with fine detailing such as wood grain, door latch and window panes. The brick walls have some nice detail as well, such as cracks and broken bricks.


Shed #2, The second shed in this kit depicts an open front shed cast in gray resin with detailing on both sides. The roof is clay tiled with three log beams on the inside which the walls lock into.



The two side walls are round stone and not brick as with the other shed. The rear wall is a bit different in that there is a stone column and wood walls on both sides of this column.

All four parts have some nice details and the wood walls have wood grain represented, but could use some further scribing so that when the primer and paint are applied that the details are not lost.


This kit is a welcome addition to 1/72 scale products for dioramas. The small sheds will save you time in that you don’t have to scratch build one for your dio or vignette and you can move onto the painting.

I would like to thank Reality in Scale for supplying MSC with this review sample. You can find this and other kits and accessories from Reality in Scale on their website.




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