SBS Model – Brian Boru (Shamrock Miniatures)


Kit number: SM- H02

Scale: 75mm

Parts:   11 Resin Parts

MSRP: US $/ Eur

Review by: Scratchmod


The kit:

The kit contains 11 resin parts cast in a mid gray resin with little to no odor with one large casting being a base to place the figure on. Torso, legs and arms are all individually cast, as is the cape.

The Box art both front and back are of the painted figure and a good reference for painting. The back of the box contains a brief description below about Brian Boru, taken from the rear box art.


Brian Boru

(ca. 941 – 23 April 1014)

Brian Boru was no legend although his life deeds were legendary. He was very much a real man and was in fact the last great High King of Ireland and perhaps the greatest military leader the country has ever known. This year we celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of the battle of Clontarf. where he died.


The figure is cast in 75mm scale which allows for greater detail than say 54mm figures, and this figure is no exception. The overall detail is fantastic as can be seen in my review images of such things as the chains on the figures torso, the muscles depicted on the legs and arms and much more.

There is the usual clean up to be done that comes with resin castings. This is mainly when removing the parts from the casting blocks. My review sample from SBS Model was pretty much flawless in terms of air bubbles and next to no mold lines. After the normal cleaning of parts and assembly the gray primer coat will usually reveal any flaws or missed mold lines.

The torso and head really shows off the talent of the sculptor as there is so much fine detail that the painting will be such a pleasure. The facial features and expression fit the figures pose, and his hair looks to be blowing in the wind, a nice touch to an already beautiful figure.

The arms and legs are just as detailed as the torso and head and feature detailed boots, leg-arm guards and muscle detail. The arms have no hands as these are attached to the sword and ax., the later being equally detailed and needing a bit of cleaning.

The last two parts in the kit are the one piece cape that is to be glued to the figures back, and the base onto which the figure is to be placed. The figures pose has him with one foot high on the rock base and the other foot flat on the ground. This of course can be changed or modified to ones like, for example instead of the rock base one could use a tree stump.




Overall this is a very nice resin figure with lots of fine detailing that will make the painting the most enjoyable part. The only drawback that I can see without assembling the parts and applying primer, is the clean up of some of the parts where cleaning could remove some fine detail. This of course is normal for almost any figure, or resin kit for that matter.


I would like to thank SBS Model for supply MSC with this and other review samples. We would also like to welcome SBS Model as a new MSC sponsor.

Please take the time to visit their website for this and other figures, as well as Aircraft and Military resin After Market products.

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