Plus Model – Circular Saw


Circular Saw

Kit number: # 436

Scale: 1/35 scale

Parts:   42 Resin and Photo Etch sheet

Diorama products

MSRP: US $26.10 / Eur 18.30

The Set

A very interesting set from Plus Model to help fill that empty corner of a diorama or vignette. This set is ideal for anyone doing a dio of a farmhouse or just needing to fill some space.

The set contains 42 resin parts and a small PE fret with small parts and a circular saw plate with fine teeth and comes sealed in clear plastic bag and cardboard box with box art of the painted set. Also included are instructions on how to assemble the circular saw and wood stand to hold the logs.


All the resin parts are cast in their familiar green-gray resin. There is some flash and minor seem lines on the castings but this should be easy enough to clean up with a hobby knife and sanding stick. Be sure to wear a dust mask when sanding any resin as breathing in the resin dust is not good, and I recommend washing your hands and tools when done.

Moving onto some of the parts in this set we start with the resin castings of the logs. Here you get two sizes of logs, one large one and nine smaller logs marked #19 on the casting blocks. The smaller logs are three to a block and so 3 each of three differently textured logs. The ends of all the logs lack in some detail so here I would try to simulate end grain or saw marks just to add a bit of detail in that area.


The wood stand is made up of eight parts representing a ‘self made’ stand of round wood branch or small trees, and not milled wood lumber. A nice touch are the two axes that come in the set which one can have lying around or set into one of the logs as the box art shows.

The circular saw itself comes in 22 resin parts , as well as eight PE parts. The instructions are pretty clear as how to assemble the saw. All the resin parts do require some clean up and the larger parts have flash that is easy to remove.

There is a nicely cast motor for driving the saw, which once painted and maybe some wires added should look really good. The wheels look like they need the center axle holes drilled and here is where I would spend a bit of time to improve them a bit.



As with most of the Plus Model accessories this is one that I really like and hope to incorporate into a small dio someday. The castings look good and clean up a breeze to do. The set gives you enough to build up a convincing replica of a circular saw and can be use as is, but as with anything, some detailing can be added to improve things.

A must have set for anyone doing a diorama that has a farmhouse or shed.

You can find this set and many others on the Plus Model website, or through dealers.





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