Armor Plate Press ~ WWII Ordinance Illustrated – Issue X: Small Arms ~ Artillery ~ Armored Vehicles


Issue X

MSRP: $12.00 US

Editor – Tom Laemlein

Copyright © Armor Plate Press 2014

Pages: 48




For many years Armored Plate Press has been providing high quality and informative publications ranging from books to journals and more. One such publication their WWII Ordinance Illustrated. This is a journal publication dedicated to the land-based weapons of the Second World War.

Ordinance Illustrated: Small Arms ~ Artillery ~ Armored Vehicles

The tenth and latest issue of WWII Ordinance Illustrated: Small Arms ~ Artillery ~ Armored Vehicles is a 48 page journal printed in an A4 format on high quality paper. This issue covers six brand new weapons subjects:


  • MP38/40 Submachine Gun
  • Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma Armored Car
  • 57mm Gun, M1: GI Anti-Tank Gun
  • Japanese Rocket Launchers
  • xT-34-85
  • Panzerabwehrhunde: Soviet Dog Mines


This journal may seem light on pages but with the exception of the one full-page advertisement on the back of the cover page, front to back, this publication is packed with tons of highly detailed photographs pertaining to the subjects outlined in the Table of Contents.

The first section of the book in and in depth look into the German made MP38 and MP40 Maschinenpistole (Machine Pistol) or as they are mostly referred to as sub-machine guns. Tom Laemlein shows us a highly descriptive breakdown to the differences between the MP38 & MP40. There is ten pages of detailed photographs along with a complete written comparison as well as an excellent photo of a complete parts breakdown of the MP 40 and accessories.

The second section leads the reader into a highly thorough walk around look at the Sd.Kfz. 234/2 PUMA Armored Car. There is a short informative write-up explaining the PUMA’s role on the battle field; however, the pictorial array covers eight full pages showing interior, exterior and engine detailing.

Section three is another eight page layout of the 57mm Gun M1: The GI’s anti-tank gun. This is an exciting operational look at the 57mm Gun in use during the Second World War. The author covers briefly the development, use, operational field deployment issues and solutions to using this gun. All eight pages are loaded with plenty of detailed pictures all supported with descriptive text of this gun.

The fourth section of the book is of a less know subject, Japanese Rocket Launchers. Late into WWII, the Japanese introduced variants of the spin-stabilized rockets. WWII Ordinance Illustrated has brought together a large collection of comprehensive photographs on these rockets supported by an evocative explanation of their deployment. All of the photographs are beautifully up close shots of the ordinance and launchers as they were secured in the field.

Next there is a five-page picture laden article written by David Goldovt-Ryzhenkov titled: Notes on the T-34/85 in World War II. The author describes briefly the ins and out of the T-34/85 and its role during the Second World War. There a many rare and archival photographs showing the T34/85 in action.

This tenth issue finishes things off with a two-page article on the Panzerabwehrhunde – Soviet Dog Mines. For most of us it is hard to see the use of man’s best friend as a suicide bomber, but during the chaos and struggles of war some solutions to getting the upper hand on your enemy are not always going to be humane solutions. The author discusses the Red Army’s use of the Dog Mine.



I have to say I really like this periodically produced journal, WWII Ordinance Illustrated. Issue X: Small Arms ~ Artillery ~ Armored Vehicles are interesting short articles surrounding a wide variety of subject matter from the Second World War. Each of the articles is well laid out with a fair amount of descriptive supporting text with an amazing amount of incredible, highly detailed photographs.

WWII Ordinance Illustrated is written with the historian and avid modeler in mind. Each of the photographs is supported individually by text highlighting key points seen in the extremely detailed photos. The $12.00 US cover price is a more than decent price to pay for the quality and content found within the pages of these books. I would recommend Issue X and most definitely the nine previously released issues of the WWII Ordinance Illustrated series to just about anyone with an interest in the ground-based weaponry used in the Second World War.


I wish to thank Armor Plate Press for the review copy of WWII Ordinance Illustrated. Issue X




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