Black Ops Models Concrete Jersey Barrier: Heavy Damage Review



Scale: 1/35
Model No. 6
MSRP: $15.00 AUD ($13.63 US) + Shipping
Developed in the 1950’s, the Jersey barrier was originally designed to divide highways and lanes of traffic to prevent collisions. For obvious reasons, the Jersey Barrier is suited for road blocking, pedestrian control and of course military applications.

Pictures for discussion purposes only – Sources left to right: ,;_Clover,_VA;_2013-07-14.JPG ,
These structures, typically yet not always, are constructed from concrete with structural steel reinforcement with various points where the internal structural reinforcement protrudes to allow for placement and connection to other barriers. The most common Jersey Barriers stand approximately 32 inches high and varying in length depending on the application they will be used in. The easily transportable barriers make excellent protection for military check points and defenses.

Black Ops Models has introduced their version of the Jersey Barrier for 1/35 scale modeling application with the Concrete Jersey Barrier: Heavy Damage. This kit comes complete with two resin cast barriers and a length of brass rod.

Both barriers contained in this set come with the appearance of damaged ends and battle damage throughout. The appearance of heavily damaged concrete has been incorporated into these two pieces.

The Black Ops Concrete Jersey Barrier: Heavy Damage measure are true to scale from a standard sizing of the actual concrete barriers. The brass rod included in this set is intended to allow the modeler to add lift rings, end connection points and damaged internal rebar.



The Black Ops Concrete Jersey Barrier: Heavy Damage Set is ideal for 1/35 scale military style building. These are a great way to add a bit of realism to any modern (Late 1950’s to the present) build. The overall concrete look and feel as well as the damaged appearance is crafted very well. The cast is of excellent quality and can easily be modified to ones taste if needed. I recommend the Concrete Jersey Barrier: Heavy Damage Set to anyone building a modern type diorama where these barriers would be used. Please take the time to check out Black Ops alternate concrete barrier set; the Concrete Jersey Barrier: Light Damage. I feel both sets would complement each other nicely.
Highly Recommended!

We wish to thank Black Ops Models for supplying this review sample!



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