Arma Hobby – Adalbertus Resin Figures – 8th Army Soldiers, Italy 1943-45


Maker: Adalbertus Resin Figures

Modl No. 35-024

Scale: 1/35

SRP – €24.00/$32.25US



Attached to the 8th Army Brigade, 4th County of London Yeomanry, household Cavalry, Royal Tank Regiment, Polish tank formations combined with Commonwealth forces focusing their interests on Italy in late September of 1944.

From this time in Italy, several photos were snapped of the time spent in country and one iconic photo of two members of the Polish attachment to the regiment inspecting a knocked out StuG.III Ausf.F of Sturmgeschütz Brigade 242. The Adalbertus sculpter used this picture as a source of inspiration to create there resin figure set: 8th Army Soldiers, Italy 1943-45.


Picture courtesy of and can be found here:

The Figure Set


This set come in a small end-opening box and sold through Arma Hobby. Inside there are two grey colored resin cast figures. The complete contents are as follows:


  • 7 – Grey cast resin parts
  • 1 – Sheet of photo etch parts

There are two figures included with this set. Both figures are presented with relaxed poses; one with his hands in his pockets and one crouched over. With the exception of the figure head parts, these two figures are cast in one piece.


Each of these figures comes with two options two different head replacements. There are two heads wearing British berets and two wearing German “Gladiator” helmets as seen in the photograph posted above.   The was a little bit of flash on one of the figures, which basically will fall off with the touch of a finger as well as two seam lines that showed up on two of the four heads.  One is an easy fix where the seam in question is on the neck  while the other will take a little careful cleaning  as it runs up the center line of the face.


As part of this set, there is a small sheet of photo etch parts included. These are the Polish Eagle badges for the helmets and berets and some rank insignias.


A final addition to the set is a small resin cast dog figure curiously posed with one of its front paws up off the ground.



After taking a close look at these new casting from Arma Hobby by Adalbertus Resin Figures, the 8th Army Soldiers, Italy 1943-45 set is a high quality resin cast set of figures. The detailing is excellent and the subject line unique. These figures, although portraying Polish soldiers attached to a Commonwealth unit could actually almost fit any diorama or vignette from a similar time period build.

The relaxed poses are refreshing to see and the added photo etch insignia is a nice touch to a finely cast set of figures. I highly recommend these figures to anyone approaching this type of subject matter or in need of a pair of relaxed soldiers for a small diorama or vignette.

MSC would like to thank Arma Hobby this review sample



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