SAM Publications ~ ‘Top Gun – Fights On’ – US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Adversary Aircraft -‘Aggressors’


Modelers Social Club would like to present a sneak peek of the latest book debut from SAM Publications: ‘TopGun: US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Adversary Aircraft – Aggressors’. 


MDF Scaled Down #1

By Andy Evans with Gary Hatcher


Time to pull on the ‘speed-jeans’ and light the ‘burners’ as SAM Publications takes you into the world of ‘Top Gun’ with a full-colour, high octane look at the United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps ‘Dissimilar Air Combat Training’ aircraft – the ‘Aggressors’ – and how to model them!’ When the words ‘Aggressor’ or ‘Adversary’ aircraft are discussed, then inevitably the words ‘Top Gun’ spring to mind, and the exploits of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, pitting his F-14 Tomcat against the wiles of ‘Jester’ in his A-4 Skyhawk from the 1980’s quicken the pulse. However, there is far more to the world of the ‘Aggressor’ than at first meets the eye and SAM publications brings you an unmissable new book that shows these men and machines in action!

The US Navy and Marines originally operated the A-4 Skyhawk and the T-38 and F-5E Tiger II to simulate ‘enemy’ aircraft from other nations, and likewise the US Air Force also employed the ‘Tiger’ for its purposes, whilst the Marines even operated a number of ex-Israeli Air Force Kfir’s! However in order to replicate the performance of the next generation of agile fighters, the Navy and Marines have supplemented these aircraft with the modern F/A-18 Hornet and the F-16N, whilst the Air Force has opted for the F-16 ‘Viper’ and the larger F-15 Eagle. But what makes these aircraft so outstanding, apart from their mission, is the abundance of unique and diverse colour schemes that have been applied to them over the years, and is a subject that has proved a source of inspiration and interest to both the enthusiast and the scale modeller alike. So ‘strap-in’ for a unique look at the world of aviation’s ‘bad-guys!’


To order your copy for ony £9.99 + Shipping go to (






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