Pen & Sword – Images of War: M4 Sherman

Pen & Sword M4 Sherman 1

M4 Sheman


  • Series: Images of War Special
  • Author:  Pat Ware
  • Illustrations by Brian Delf
  • Published by Pen & Sword Military
  • ISBN 9871781590294
  • 144 Pages
  • Price:  $24,95 US / £16.99
  • Published: February 2014


The M4 Sherman was undoubtedly one of the most iconic tanks of the Second World War and beyond. With tens of thousands of these tanks the allied forces were able to turn the tides of war in the European Theater of Operations in WWII while supporting the men as they island hopped their way across the Pacific; Pen and Sword Publishing’s Images of War Series gives us a Special addition with their book titled M4 Sherman.

This book discusses the M4 Sherman and all its variants throughout its illustrious career. From the tanks humble beginnings in 1941 to its use throughout the Korean War and literally around the world we get a glimpse into the inner workings and operational history of this battlefield workhorse.  This book is 144 pages in length containing a tremendous amount of information supported by nearly 100 rare photographs and commissioned color illustrations spread out over eight chapters.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Development
  • Chapter 2 – Sherman Production
  • Chapter 3 – The Sherman Crew
  • Chapter 4 – The Sherman in Combat
  • Chapter 5 – The Sherman Described
  • Chapter 6 – Improving the Breed
  • Chapter 7 – Sherman Engineers’ Tanks
  • Chapter 8 – Sherman-Based Gun Motor Carriages
  • Appendix

The Book


Pat Ware is the author of the M4 Sherman book and is a leading expert on the history of military vehicles and a prolific writer of books and articles on every aspect of the subject. Mr. Ware takes us on a journey into the vast subject of the M4 Sherman Tank. This book is filled with a great deal of technical information throughout with a fine collection of manufacturing and operational photographs of the M4 Sherman. Every aspect of the M4 Sherman is covered in this book from the drivetrain to the tanks armor and ordinance along with explaining the major differences between the variants.

Towards the center of the book we are treated to a nice assortment of commissioned color illustrations by Brian Delf depicting many variants of the Sherman all with supporting inset text followed but some interesting walk around type pictures showing many details such as the engines, interior and various Engineer’s modifications of the Tank.  After the appendix there is a eight pages of charts listing the Sherman Gun Tank Variants, Development Vehicles, Engine Specifications, Armor Thickness, Ammunition Stowage Numbers, Number of Shermans Constructed, Manufacturing Concepts and Serial Numbers and Number of Shermans Refurbished.




I feel that Pen & Sword’s Images of War series Special edition M4 Sherman is a must have for the Sherman enthusiast. The book is an easy read with a tremendous amount of technical data and the photographs are exceptionally presented. The Images of War Series of books has become a favorite of the modelling community and this book, M4 Sherman, would be a fine addition to anyone’s library. Highly Recommended!!

I would like to thank Pen & Sword Publishing for this review copy.



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