Archer Fine Transfers ~ German Road and Building Signage

1A New Release from Archer Fine Transfers – July 2014
German Road and Building Signage

Scale: 1/35
Model No. – AR35383
MSRP – $11.95 US

One of the newest releases from Archer Fine Transfers is their 1/35 German Road and Building Signage. These are decal transfers of various signage used by the Germans in the Second World War.

Assisted with the research from Jerry Plettenberg, Archer supplies 26 individual signs, each varying in size, shape and wording. These are not typical water-slide decals whereas they are individually separated on the sheet but rather on entire decal that can cut to size.  This set comes with a complete set of instructions which includes how to apply the decals, alternate uses, a template and translations for all but one of the signs.

These decals can be applied similar to traditional decals after they are separated from the sheet. Places the decal in hot water, wait approximately 15 seconds or so and then slide the decal into position. Using a solvent works best to seat the decal into position and give the best fit.

As part of the instructions, there is a small template that can be used to cut out an appropriate size piece of styrene sheet stack to attach the decal to. This makes for an ideal base to replicate the wooden signs used from the time period.

One more trick is to use aluminum foil for a base. This will give the appearance of metal signage if you wish. This also allows you to bend the corners and crinkle the sign as if it was tattered and word. Here I used the aluminum cover to my contact lens replacements. This is a lot thicker than normal kitchen foil.

Please note: It is best to prime and paint the area where the decal transfers are to be placed to ensure proper adhesion.


The German Road and Building Signage decal transfer set from Archer Fine Transfer is an exceptional asset when creating period diorama or vignette. The Decal transfers are of the highest quality and the research is spot on for the translations. I will add that the one transfer listed, #4 ‘K.M.D., is listed on the transfers as ‘Unknown’. I believe that this might actually represent the Kriegsmarine dienststelle (K.M.D.) or after a loose translation, the Naval Office or Naval Department depending on translator used.

I have to recommend these transfers to anyone who is into making dioramas and vignettes and want to easily add little touches to bring a bit of interest to the scene,


I wish to thank Archer Fine Transfers for this review sample




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