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Models Impossible is a new to the modelling community company offering 3D printing services on a smaller scale as well as creating original benchmark solutions to help the modern-age modeler.

The owner/operator of Models Impossible, Thom Ivancso, has had a very long career with Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and 3D manufacturing. Thom takes his years of expertise in this field and combines it with his passion for scale modelling and started a brand new company to use 3D printing to make a wide range of not only personally designed models and custom parts but bench-top solutions.

Current designs for the following holders:

  • Tenax Cement
  • Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Square)
  • Tamiya Cement (Hexagon)
  • Testors Cement (Reddish/Pink Label)
  • Plastruct Cement
  • Ambroid Pro Weld Cement
  • Ammo/AK Washes
  • Micro Set/Sol
  • Tamiya, Model Master, Gunze, Paint Jars
  • Testors 1/4 oz. Square Paint Jar
  • Zap-a-Gap CA Holder

Pricing for most of the Glue and Paint Bottle Holders are $8.00 US + shipping.  Larger items, such as the Zap-a-Gap CA Holder start at $10.00 US + shipping and up.  Email order inquiries to: or


Cement and Paint Bottle Holders

I have had the pleasure of taking a firsthand look at two of Model Impossibles’ newest releases; Cement and Paint Bottle Holders.

These holders are specifically designed and constructed around many of the most used modelling cement bottles and applicators on the market today. Each holder is created from the exact dimensions of these bottles making for a secure fit.

Many modelers today have found the use of the cover attached applicator provided with the adhesives is not as precise as using various small-tipped paint brushes and applicators to apply the adhesives. Models Impossible has incorporated a convenient lid holder into the base as well as two paintbrush and/or applicator holders into the design.  After speaking with Mr. Ivancso he let me know the design possibilities are limitless.  What ever can be thought up as a useful aid to the modeller for his or her bench, can be made.

The wide base to these tools prevents unwanted spills while the on board paint brush and lid holder keep things organized.  As you can see there are several design like the duel Microscale Bottle holder.  Similar construction to the Tamiya Thin Cement Holder but specifically designed to hold Microscale’s bottle shape securely with separate tool holders incorporated into the design.

Creating 3D models and 3D printed parts of a 1/76 Alvis Stalwart from a set of 2D drawings out of a 1973 Airfix magazine.



I found the Cement and Paint Bottle Holders from Models Impossible to be one of the more innovative ideas to land on my bench. These holders eliminate the unwanted spilling of glues and paints as well as a helpful way to organize the bench. Model Impossible is designing new bench accessories every day and along with creating scale models, Models Impossible is capable of sourcing custom part fabrications with provided CAD or similar program design and I look forward to seeing what comes out of the printer next.

I will have to give my full recommendation of the entire line of Cement and Paint Bottle Holders from Models Impossible.  These are innovative ideas turned into useful tools that can help any modeller from the beginner to the most experienced  My recommendation for these holders comes in part after being able to evaluate two of the products first hand and seeing the quality of the product and its potential usefulness but also for the fact that no matter how hard I try NOT to knock something over on my bench or work table it is inevitably going to happen and these unassuming, relatively simple tools should prevent this from ever happening again! These bench-mate tools get an A+ from me!


I would like to give special thanks to Thom Ivancso and Model Impossible for providing My Hobby Info with these review samples.


The Models Impossible website is currently under construction; however, feel free to contact Thom through:  Email order inquiries to: or

Check out Models Impossible on Facebook:


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