Pen & Sword Books ~ The SS & The Occult DVD Review


?????????Imprint: Pen & Sword Digital

Running Time: 50 (mins)

ISBN: 5060247621050

Published: 4th March 2014

“Pen & Sword Digital offers an array of military history documentaries made by talented filmmakers, historians, authors and battlefield guides. The selection of films cover World War I and II, the Hundred Years War and the Napoleonic War, engaging multiple sources in the drawing together of interesting stories that encapsulate the life and, sometimes, death of a soldier at war. Our DVD’s also examine different technological and tactical advancements of warfare such as tanks, aviation, naval, plus trench and siege warfare.”


The SS & The Occult

Captivated by the occult, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was drawn to this fascination throughout his ascension through the ranks and even after becoming one of the most powerful men in the Nazi party during the Second World War. Adolph Hitler eventually appointed Himmler Reichsführer-SS, this meant he was the SS and in turn used his obsession with the occult to try and change Germany into his delusional version of the Aryan Race.

The SS & The Occult DVD is presented by Bob Carruthers who is a Scottish film maker, author and broadcaster along with an Emmy Award winning historian. Within this fifty minute digital formatted documentary, Mr. Carruthers gives us a glimpse into the enigmatic world of Reichsführer Himmler and the Third Reich.

The DVD is loaded with archival footage from WWII surrounding Himmler and the SS. Bob Carruthers takes a look at the Himmler inner sanctum and his occultist retreat within his castle at Wewelsburg and paints a time line to the events during Himmler’s command in the Nazzi regime.


The SS & The Occult DVD documentary from Pen & Sword Digital give and informative and interesting look into very strange world of Heinrich Himmler, the SS and the Occult. Bob Carruthers raises some interesting questions as to how much Himmler’s obsession with the Occult actually shaped the Nazi war machine in the Second World War.


I would like to thank Pen & Sword Books, Ltd. for the review copy of The SS & The Occult DVD


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