Archer Fine Transfer New Releases – North Korean Flag Review


North Korean Flag

Dry Transfers

1/35 Scale

Model No. AR35375

MSRP – $11.95

The North Korean Flag dry transfer set in 1/35 scale is one of six recently released sets from Archer Fine Transfers. This set contains one sheet containing dry transfers to create five North Korean flags. The sheet includes:

  • One full-size: 1.5 x.85 inch (38 x 22mm)
  • One large size: 1.13 x .64 inch (28.6 x 16.3mm)
  • One medium size: .63 x.36 inch (16 x9.1mm)
  • Two small size: .36 x .2 inch (9.1 x 5.1mm)

These dry transfer flags, researched by Ross L. DuVall, are designed to be burnished onto small pieces of aluminum foil which when completed gives the look of a realistically flown flag.

There are a few steps involved in creating the flag; however, the process is very simple and the results are amazing. After cutting out the flags you wish to create, you will need to tape the flag face down, with the relief paper removed, to a clean work surface. You will want to make sure the tape does not cover any of the try transfer.

Next you will need to take the second part of the flag and tape this down facing in the correct direction directly over the first dry transfer. It is best to leave the relief paper still attached to this flag at this time as any pressure exerted between the two transfers will cause the flags to unite before the aluminum foil is introduced. It is best to tape one side of the transfer so you can flip the flag piece up to remove the relief paper backing when the time comes.

After the relief has been removed, simply slide in a smooth piece of aluminum foil between the two transfers and lay the top transfer back down. Using a slightly rounded burnishing tool or comparable item like a wooden dowel with a softened edge, burnish the transfer down to the foil.


Once complete, remove the transfer’s backing paper revealing the first of the two-sided flag’s faces showing up. Next take a small section of the relief paper you removed from the transfers in the beginning of the process, lay it flat over the newly burnished flag and begin the burnishing process again; making sure to completely burnish the areas in and around the flag.

Carefully lift the aluminum foil and you will have a two-sided flag attached to the foil. With a straight edge and a sharp hobby knife, carefully cut out the flag at its extents removing the excess aluminum foil.

Shaping the flag, if it is to be flown is simple. You can start by giving the flag a quick light crumpling. This will add fine natural creases to the flag. If a super-smooth flag is what you desire, simple skip the crumpling part and move to this part where you can add waves to the flag to give it a realistic look. Any round object, such as the hobby knife and small wooden dowel, when placed under the new flag will give the appearance of a flag waving in the wind/ You can use varying sizes and amount of rounded objects to create the look you desire.

Link to a video Step by Step on making these dry transfer flags by Archer Dry Transfers:


Archer Fine Transfer certainly offers one of the best was to create scale flags for model building. The transfer quality is excellent and the process is simple and straight forward. The North Korean Flag, as with all of the other dry transfer flags from Archer are excellent scale reproductions of flags from around the world covering a wide time frame in history. If you are looking for a North Korean flag for one of your builds, I would definitely recommend Archer Dry Transfers’ AR35375 North Korean Flag set.


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I would like to thank Archer Fine Transfers for this review sample!



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