Scale Military Modeller International – June 2014 Edition

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As we are upon the eve of the 70th anniversary D-Day, Scale Military Modeller International releases their June 1014 Edition: D-Day Special – Allied Forces.  This latest edition proves to be a true invasion of the modelling senses! 


June 2014 Edition

‘D-Day Special’


For the June issue of SMMI, here’s a little of what we have in store:

Scale Military Manual – D-Day Briefing, with historic information and images, two builds of D-Day Sherman Firefly tanks and a full set of Firefly Scale Plans

A Facscine-ating Churchill! – Gary Boxall produces a stunning 1:35 version of one of ‘Hobart’s Funnies’

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‘Battlefield Kit’ – Willys MB with Rack and Radio – Andy Renshaw combines our regular ‘Workshop’ feature with his ‘Jeep Series’ to produce a splendid model.

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‘Maquis Vengeance’ – En-route to the Normandy Beachhead, mid-June, 1944 a Staff Car of 2 SS Panzer Division ‘Das Reich’ is ambushed. Christopher McGrane brings a sobering 1:35 D-Day viewpoint.

M7 Priest – Fighting from the Pulpit! – Kevin Potts builds the 1:35 Dragon kit with a fully detailed interior

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Omaha Assault – 29th Infantry Division – ‘Let’s Go!!’ – Leung Ming-Chung produces a stunning June 1944 D-Day scene

War-Zone – ‘Overlord’s Armour’ – Military historian Anthony Tucker-Jones looks at the multitude of tank types that saw combat during the brutal Battle for Normandy

Churchill AVLB – Andy Cooper concludes his exceptional build of another unusual Churchill tank variant, a 1:35 ‘Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge’ version

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Tank Workbench – Challenger I – ‘Berlin Brigade Urban Camouflage’

‘Watching the Highway’ – Robin Gilby produces a 1:35 Sturmgeschütz IV – ‘Budget Build’

‘Big Guns in Baghdad’ – M109A6 ‘Paladin’ – Maxime Levesque shows you ‘how to’ use an airbrush to add a desert scheme to a Gulf War US Army Self-Propelled Howitzer
Plus pages of new kit ‘News’, product ‘Previews’, full-build ‘Reviews’ and
informed ‘Comment’, all packed into 100 pages, with access to the ‘SAM Portal’
where you will find videos of new kits, accessories, books and decals. Be sure to
order your copy now




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