Reality in Scale – Crushed German Drums


set number: #35240

scale: 1/35 scale resin

Review by: Scratchmod


This set includes 10 resin German fuel drums in 1/35 scale. There are 5 crushed and flattened drums, and 5 upright, bent and dented drums. The quality of the castings is outstanding and there were no flaws such as air bubbles in my samples. There are next to no casting plugs on these parts and so clean up is a breeze.

The resin drums come in a sturdy square plastic container that locks to keep the parts in. This is a very handy container as it has a tab for hanging on a rack display. By keeping the drums in the container you won’t lose or misplace any of them.

The crushed and flattened drums look great and very convincing. These would look great in a dio setting and even burying a drum into the earth would give it a look of being old and lying there for a long period of time.

Another good use for these would be on the edge of a road where a tank has run one over. One drum actually has a track impression on it.

The upright drums will come in handy as well. These can be left upright or on it’s side. A bit of fuel spillage under and next to the drum will give it a more convincing look.


The detailing on the drums look pretty good and once painted and weathered, placed in the right setting these will be great for filling empty spots or just adding more eye candy to a diorama. There are enough drums in this set for a few dioramas, or to fill a larger empty spot in one.

I look forward to actually using some of these drums in future projects.

Special thanks to our sponsor Reality in Scale for providing this review sample



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