Plastic Soldier Company – Box set of Weathering for Gamers


Model: WSET01

SRP – £30.00

The Plastic Soldier Company, know for their enormous selection of miniature kits for the gaming world and beyond, offers the gaming enthusiast and modeler alike an alternative to weathering products to use when finishing their models; The Box set of Weathering for Gamers.

This is an 8 x 30ml bottle set of weathering washes that can be used in numerous ways to obtain a fantastic weathered finish to any miniature.

The set includes:

  • Light Brown
  • Dirt Brown
  • Earth Brown
  • Khaki Green
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Soot
  • Rust Red

The manufacturer mentions after applying the washes to the model allow to dry after about 10 minutes smudge wipe away from flat panels using a damp cloth or cotton bud, leaving the wash trapped around protrusions and in recesses.  I have the pleasure of sharing with you a product use review by John Simmons. John takes these effects out for a test drive.

 Product Use Review

 by  John Simmons


How to weather a 1/72 Panzer in under 30 Minutes, using The Plastic Soldier Company Weathering products in ten simple steps by John Simmons (merseajohn).

Step 1 – Base coat is sprayed with The Plastic Soldier Company Dunkelgelb from the rattle can and then the panels are highlighted with Vallejo Model Air 028 with the airbrush.


Step 2 – A Light Brown Wash is then generously applied to the panel lines with a number 2 brush.


Step 3 – After the Wash has dried (about 5 minutes this process can be sped up using a hair dryer) the excess is removed with a cotton bud damp with tap water.


Step 4 – Using a flat brush wet with water downward strokes are used to create subtle but convincing streaking effects.


Step 5 – The running gear is given the same treatment as the body of the Tank but this time using the Dirt Brown Wash to give the appearance of mud and grime.


Step 6 – The wheels and tires are given a Dark Grey Wash to bring out the details and to help highlight the bolts.


Step 7 – Using Vallejo German Camo Black Brown and a torn piece of packing foam or sponge lightly dab the areas that are prone to rusting or scratching. Make sure you take the weight of the paint off on a piece of scrap paper.


Step 8 – Then add Rust Red Wash to some of the chipped areas (you can also use the streaking method here).


Step 9 – The model is given a coat of Matt Varnish to dull it down and seal in all the weathering (this also protects it when handling).


Step 10 – Finally the tracks are given a coat of Vallejo track Primer and a heavy Wash with the Rusty Red. Highlighting the tracks with a silver colour can also give the appearance of worn metal



The Finished Product

I wish to thank John Simmons for this review!



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