Model Expo 100 pc. Mini Drill Set


#61-#80 Drills with Pin Vice & Wood Box



Item No. MT2001

Retail: $49.99 US


The 100 piece Mini Drill Set from Model Expo is sold in an attractive custom wooden pine box.

There is 20 cylinders containing 5 drill bits in each made from high quality steel , sizes #61-#80.


This set include a pin vise in its own holder on the lid of the case.  This pin vice has two double sided collets for holding the bits. 

This is an exceptional set at a great value.  Most #61-#80 drill bit sets are sold with only twenty bits.  This set includes 100 quality bits for less than what you can purchase five individual sets.  Add the multi-sided pin-vice and the crafted wooden case and I feel this is a great bargain hands down.


The 100 pc. Mini Drill and individual 5 pc. refill sets can be found at Model Expo!

100 pc. Mini Drill Set




If less than delighted, return your hobby tool purchase
in original condition within 30 days. Model Expo has been serving hobby
enthusiasts with precision hobby tools since 1976.


I wish to thank ModelExpo for this product review sample




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