Slypi’s Details Photo Etch Diorama Accessories


By: Péter Slyizs

Scale: 1/35

Distributed by Balaton Modell –

Priced from $2.72 (2 €) to $13.94 (10.3 €) plus S/H

Photo Etch Diorama Detail Sheets

Slypi Details  (1)

From Slypi’s Details and the creative mind of Péter Slyizs comes yet another diorama option for adding fine details to any build. These etched detail parts are uniquely made and should help fill some of the gaps builders might have while building a diorama or vignette. Slypi’s Details offer the following sets:

Vegetation 1/35

SD3501 – Fern Leaves

Sheet Size 98 x 57 mm

This sheet contains 3 full size fern plants along with several loose leaves that can either be attached to the plant of used individually.

SD3502 – Ivy Leaves

Sheet Size 32 x 142 mm

This sheet contains three strings of Ivy Leaves…this works out to 426 mm of ivy from one sheet to work with.

SD3503 – Shrubs

Sheet Size 57 x 65 mm

This sheet contains four full size shrubs as well as several loose leaves to do with what you



SD3506 – Fallen Leaves

Sheet Size 57 x 65 mm

The Fallen Leaves Sheet contains 285 individual leaves over four different varieties.

Accessories 1/35

SD3504 – Barbed Tape (Length 1,50m)

Sheet Size 98 x 18 mm

The barbed tape, or razor wire, is etched in on continuous length on the sheet to the tune of 1,5 M.

SD3505 – Barbed Wire (Length 1,50m)

Sheet Size 98 x 23 mm

The barbed wire is etched in on continuous length on the sheet to the tune of 1,5 M.

SD3507 – Camouflage Nets

Sheet Size 97 x 64 mm

All of these photo etch sheets a made superbly clean and have life like details added. The sheets/parts are constructed from material that is think enough not to crinkle in your fingers but thin enough to represent a proper scale effect. A quick cleaning of the sheets to remove any oils left behind from handling and a good primer is suggested prior to final painting.


I wish to thank Slypi’s Details for providing this review sample.


If you are interested in purchasing one or more of Slypi’s Details diorama photo etching, please visit Balaton Modell:

All final usage pictures of Slypi’s Details are the sole work of László Adóba from Adoba Dioramas…all rights reserved.


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